We started orchestral rehearsals
Behind us are three days of hard work in the instrumental sections and the first orchestral rehearsal with the conductor – Ayyub Guliyev. Today we also said goodbye to our tutors, and the brass section prepared a mini concert in the Philharmonic Hall. Today at the Philharmonic in Szczecin it is a day full of events.
Preparations in the instrumental sections took three days. Under the watchful eye of experienced orchestral musicians, our young musicians polished the last details before the first orchestral rehearsal in the golden symphony hall. Approx. At 13:00 in the hall of the Philharmonic in Szczecin, the woodwind section even played a mini concert and ILYOwicze awarded the tutors with great applause.

In the afternoon, the time has come for the first meeting with the conductor – maestro Ayyub Guliyev, with whom, starting today, ILYO begins the final stage of preparations for the two symphonic concerts that await her soon in Berlin and Szczecin. If you don't have tickets yet, it's high time to book them. All information and links can be found in the menu on our website.
12-08-2022, 18:49:19