25 april (monday)
Hour: 12:00
We are launching the 1st stage of recruitment
The first stage of recruitment is now open – complete the form and provide basic contact details. CLICK HERE
23 may (monday)
Hour: 12:00
The 2nd stage of recruitment starts
We are launching the second stage of recruitment. You can now send us your videos.
30 june (thursday)
Hour: 23:59
We close the recruitment
11 july (monday)
Hour: 12:00
We announce the recruitment results
10 august (wednesday)
Hour: 10:00
The workshop beginns
17 august (wednesday)
Hour: 20:00
Concert in Konzerthaus Berlin
First of this year's final concerts as part of the Young Euro Classic Festival. INFORMATION AND TICKETS
19 august (friday)
Hour: 19:00
Concert in Szczecin Philharmonic
Second of the final concerts. End of the workshop.